Serena Finds Relief with UBRELVY

On and off the court, world tennis champion Serena Williams can’t afford to be taken out by a migraine attack or migraine treatment for hours at a time. UBRELVY is proud to partner with Serena and provide quick relief that she can take anytime, anywhere. Check out this exclusive interview to hear about Serena’s migraine journey.

UBRELVY fits into Serena’s busy lifestyle and can deliver quick relief with few side effects.* Whether she has a big match or an important business meeting, she needs treatment she can take anytime, anywhere.

*The most common side effects were nausea (2-4%) and tiredness (2-3%).

When I took Ubrelvy for the first time, I forgot I even had a migraine. It acted really fast.

- Serena Williams

People took UBRELVY within 4 hours of a migraine attack. In clinical studies, many people had pain relief and some even had pain freedom within two hours.

How a mega-mogul treats migraine attacks

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As a tennis superstar, entrepreneur, wife, and mother, Serena knows the stakes are high when she needs to treat her migraine attacks.

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Migraine attacks can even impact one of the greatest athletes of all time. Serena said she has had to cancel practices because of a migraine attack.

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Now, Serena relies on UBRELVY to rally against migraine. UBRELVY delivers fast relief and can even provide her pain freedom.

Talk to a doctor

It’s really important
to take care of
your health,
take care of
Just because you’re
tough doesn’t mean
you have to be in pain.

Serena Williams

Migraine Has Met Its Match

Serena struggled for years with managing migraine and the difficult task of trying to power through her migraine attacks. Now that Serena has found relief with UBRELVY, she encourages others to talk to their healthcare provider to find a solution that works for them.

Ready to hit back against migraine? Download our conversation starter below and talk to your healthcare provider about UBRELVY.

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Serena and Migraine in the News

Hear more from Serena about her personal journey with migraine.

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You may be eligible to pay as little as $10 per prescription with the U-Save Card—that’s just $1 per pill. Register Online or text UBRELVY to 48764.

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