What makes UBRELVY different

Scientists now know that a certain protein in your body, known as calcitonin gene-related peptide (CGRP), plays a role in migraine attacks by attaching to sensory nerve endings. During an attack, the level of CGRP is much higher than when you don't have a migraine.

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UBRELVY is a CGRP receptor antagonist, which means it is designed to block CGRP from attaching to your sensory nerve endings.

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UBRELVY works,
Here’s the science.

UBRELVY was proven in 2 clinical studies with over 2,000 participants. These studies evaluated the following outcomes at 2 hours after taking 1 dose of UBRELVY:

Proven Pain Relief IconPAIN FREEDOM (zero pain)

Absence of Migraine IconAbsence of most bothersome migraine symptoms (light sensitivity, sound sensitivity, or nausea)

Pain relief

The majority of patients achieved pain relief (reduction in pain) and 1 in 5 experienced total pain freedom. Many also reported absence of their most bothersome symptoms.

On-the-go migraine relief

  • Convenient access to treatment wherever you go with On-the-Go packs
  • Multiple dosage strengths available
  • A second dose can be taken 2 hours after the first if needed
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Hassle-free access to migraine relief

UBRELVY offers support and services that can help you get affordable access to prescription savings. Visit the U-DemandTM Relief Suite today to check eligibility.

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A real person to answer real questions

Talk to one of our live representatives who can answer your questions about insurance coverage, cost, and other questions you may have about UBRELVY.

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