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A guide for talking to your healthcare provider.

Are you satisfied with your current migraine treatment?

Ask your healthcare provider about UBRELVY—download our helpful conversation starter and bring it to your next appointment.


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Talk to a Healthcare Provider:
On-Demand Access

  1. Answer a few simple questions.

  2. Connect directly to a licensed healthcare provider or schedule an appointment at your convenience. A fee is charged by UpScript.

  3. If a prescription is written, you can pick it up at a local pharmacy you choose.

Talk Now

UpScript*, one of many telemedicine platforms, lets you speak with a healthcare provider to see if UBRELVY is right for you, all from the comfort of your own home.

*Third-party website; does not constitute an endorsement or recommendation by AbbVie.

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Talk to a healthcare provider: Make an appointment

Find a healthcare provider near you and schedule an appointment to discuss adding UBRELVY to your migraine management toolbox. Fill out this conversation starter so you’re prepared to talk about what’s working or not with your current migraine treatment plan.

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What Others Are Saying About UBRELVY

Hear real patient stories and discover firsthand how migraine pain freedom is possible with UBRELVY.

A real person to answer real questions

Talk to one of our live representatives who can answer your questions about insurance coverage, cost, and other questions you may have about UBRELVY.

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Call U-Concierge:
1.844.4.UBRELVY (1.844.482.7358),
Monday–Friday, 8:00 am to 8:00 pm Eastern Time.

Ubrelvy Patient Brochure

Learn More

Our comprehensive brochure gives you more information about UBRELVY and how it stops a migraine attack in its tracks.


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